ANSI ASHRAE ASHE 170-2021 pdf free download – Ventilation of Health Care Facilities

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ANSI ASHRAE ASHE 170-2021 pdf free download – Ventilation of Health Care Facilities. Space Alterations. Alterations to spaces listed in Tables 7-1, 8-1, 8-2, and 9-1 shall comply with the requirements of Sections 6.7, 7, 8, and 9, applicable to those specific portions of the building and its systems that are being altered. Any alteration to existing patient or resident care space in a building that will continue to treat patients during construction shall comply with Sections 5.4, 5.5, 10.1, 10.2.5. 4.2 Administrative Requirements. Administrative requirements relating to permit require- ments, enforcement by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), interpretations, claims of exemption, approved calculation methods, rights of approved calculation methods, and rights of appeal are specified by the AHJ. 4.3 Compliance Documents
4.3.1 General. Compliance documents are those plans, specifications, engineering calcula- tions, diagrams, reports, and other data that are approved as part of the permit by the AHJ. The compliance documents shall include all specific construction-related requirements of the owner’s infection control risk assessment.
4.3.2 Construction Details. Compliance documents shall contain all pertinent data and fea- tures of the building, equipment, and systems in sufficient detail to allow a determination of compliance by the AHJ and to indicate compliance with the requirements of this standard.
4.3.3 Supplemental Information. Supplemental information necessary to verify compli- ance with this standard, such as calculations, worksheets, compliance forms, vendor literature, or other data, shall be made available when required by the AHJ.
4.4 Alternate Materials, Methods of Construction, or Design. The provisions of this stan- dard are not intended to prevent the use of any material, method of construction, design, or building system not specifically prescribed herein, provided that such construction, design, or building system has been approved by the AHJ as meeting the intent of this standard.
4.5 Informative Appendices. The informative appendices to this standard and informative notes located within this standard contain recommendations, explanations, and other nonman- datory information and are not part of this standard.
4.6 Criteria Ranges. This standard often specifies a range of values that will comply with a specific requirement of the standard. If it is permitted by the AHJ, compliance with this requirement may be achieved by the presentation of compliance documents that demonstrate a system’s ability to perform within the specified range.
4.7 Space Planning. In a building that contains spaces programmed for inpatient use as well as spaces programmed for outpatient use, the inpatient care spaces shall be designed solely for inpatient use and the outpatient care spaces shall be designed solely for outpatient use. Individ- ual spaces that are dual programmed for either inpatient use or outpatient use shall meet the design requirements for inpatient use of the space.
5.1 General. Space programming and planning details that impact the HVAC design shall be identified and addressed in the planning phase of design. a. Facilities without operating rooms, that consist of spaces designed solely for outpatient or residential health, care, and support use, need only comply with Sections 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4.
5.2 Owner Requirements. Owners/managers of health care facilities shall do the following: a. Space Program. Prepare a space program, including the clinical service expected in each space and specific user equipment to be used. The program shall include space names and paragraph numbering references from the applicable version of the relevant FGI Guidelines for each space noted within the program (Informative Note: see FGI [2018a, 2018b, and 2018c] in Informative Appendix E). Specify needs for temperature, humidity, air filtration, localized and general exhaust, and pressure control that are not covered or are different than the requirements in this standard. b. Medical/Clinical Organizations. Provide specific medical and clinical requirements that are different than the requirements in this standard.ANSI ASHRAE ASHE 170 pdf download.

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