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BS EN 14209-2017 pdf free download.Preformed plasterboard cornices — Definitions, requirements and test methods
4 Requirements
4.1 Reaction to fire
Where subject to regulatory requirements, preformed plasterboard cornices shall be tested and classified in accordance with EN 13501-1.
Preformed plasterboard cornices tested according to EN 13823 (SBI test) shall be mounted and fixed in accordance with Annex B or when the manufacturer wishes to claim performance for a specific intended use, the mounting and fixing shall be representative of that intended use.
4.2 Flexural strength (expressed as bending behaviour)
Individual lengths shall be capable of being handled and installed using recommended practice. When tested in accordance with 5.4, the cornice shall not fracture.
4.3 Dangerous substances
National regulations on dangerous substances may require verification and declaration on release, and sometimes content, when construction products covered by this standard are placed on those markets. In the absence of European harmonized test methods, verification and declaration on release/content should be done taking into account national provisions in the place of use. NOTE An informative database covering European and national provisions on dangerous substances is available at the Growth website on EUROPA accessed through: ds
4.4 Composition Preformed plasterboard cornices shall have constituents common to gypsum plasterboard to EN 520. The paper shall be suitable to receive decoration or be pre-finished. The abutting paper edges on the back of the cornice are, usually, concealed and secured by a self-adhesive paper tape. The core may contain additives, aggregates and/or fibres.
4.5 Profile and dimensions
4.5.1 General Preformed plasterboard cornices are manufactured in a variety girths, lengths and profiles to the producer’s declared nominal dimensions. The lettering in the sub-clauses below refers to Figure 1.
4.5.2 Profile Preformed plasterboard cornices shall be manufactured to provide a continuous section of regular profile and thickness to permit, subsequently, cut lengths to match their shape and thickness when ends are placed together. The ends shall be end finished, square and clean cut.
4.5.3 Face The face and edges shall be free from bumps, grooves, voids, blisters, burrs, scuffing and staining. The distance ED shall lie within the tolerance limits of ± 1 mm when checked in accordance with 5.3.
4.5.4 Back angle
The back angle (CXC) designed to facilitate positioning to the wall/ceiling angle shall be not less than 90° when checked in accordance with 5.3.
4.5.5 Side angle
The side angle (DAC) shall be of the specified profile e.g. square, bevelled or rounded when checked in accordance with 5.3.
4.5.6 Face width
The face width of the product (AA) shall lie within the tolerance limits of 2 mm when checked in accordance with 5.3.
4.5.7 Thickness
Thickness should be related to the constituents, composition and profile which combined shall provide the desired shape to facilitate handling and fixing. The main section (DF) shall have a minimum thickness of 9,5 mm and may require to be greater than that of section (AC) which shall have a minimum thickness of 5,5 mm when measured in accordance with 5.2.1.
4.5.8 Length
The length shall be measured in accordance with 5.2.2 and compared with the nominal length. The deviations shall be
4.5.9 Squareness and integrity of ends
The sections shall be end-finished, square and clean cut.
5 Test methods
5.1 Sampling
A minimum of three cornices shall be subjected to the physical testing described in 5.2.1, 5.2.2 and 5.3.
5.2 Dimensional measurements
5.2.1 Thickness Principle
The thickness of the main member (DF) shall be measured and the side member (AC) in three separate positions per specimen. Apparatus
A micrometer (callipers) permitting readings to 0,01 mm. Procedure
Measure the thickness between the surfaces of the main and side members at representative surface areas and positions. Expression of results
Record three measurements of thickness per length for each main and side member. All three specimens shall comply with 4.5.7.
5.2.2 Length Principle
The length of the specimen shall be measured and the tolerances shall be compared. Apparatus
a) Flat surface;
b) metal rule permitting readings to 1,0 mm. Procedure
Place the specimen on the flat surface and measure the length. Expression of results
Record the measurements of the three specimens. All specimens shall comply with 4.5.8.
5.3 Determination of accuracy of profile
5.3.1 Principle
The accuracy, symmetry and angles of the profile across its length shall be checked for each specimen.
5.3.2 Apparatus
A rigid plastics or aluminium sheet cut to provide a template, comprising two silhouettes, of the end profile of the cornice design. One cut to the minimum and one cut to the maximum tolerance specification (see Figure 2).
5.3.3 Procedure
Place the templates in turn over one end of the specimen and pull each along the length of the specimen to check its compliance with the specification of the profile, noting freedom from identifiable bumps and grooves on the exposed face CADAC.
5.3.4 Expression of results
Record the results of the exercise on all three specimens. All specimens shall comply with the profile requirements in 4.5.2.
5.4 Determination of bending behaviour
5.4.1 Principle
The ability of the full size specimen shall be established to resist fracture when flexed under its own mass.
5.4.2 Apparatus
a) A balance with a capacity of 100 N permitting readings to 0,01 N;
b) a timer capable of measuring 5 min;
c) two (25 ± 5) mm diameter cylindrical steel supports, minimum 200 mm in length placed horizontally and parallel with a means of securing at one end or both ends to allow them to be spaced 1,5 m apart. The position should also permit the testing of cornice of maximum length.BS EN 14209 pdf download

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