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BS EN 1909-2017 pdf free download.Safety requirements for cableway installations designed to carry persons — Recovery and evacuation
4 Symbols and abbreviations
This document does not include either symbols or abbreviations.
5 General requirements
5.1 Application of this standard
The requirements of this European Standard apply to all cableway installations together with those of standards EN 1709, EN 1908, EN 12397, EN 12408, EN 12927 (all parts), EN 12929 (all parts),EN 12930, EN 13223, EN 13243, EN 13107 and EN 13796 (all parts).
5.2 Safety principles
5.2.1 General
The safety principles set out in EN 12929-1 apply.
In addition, the following hazard scenarios and safety measures relative to the scope of this document are to be taken into consideration.
5.2.2 Hazard scenarios
The following events many lead to hazardous situations which may be avoided or reduced by the safety
requirements of this document:
— prolonged exposure of persons to bad weather conditions, for example, wind, cold, heat, etc.;
— prolonged immobilization;
— human error;
— non-existence or inadequacy of organization;
— unsuitable, inadequate or improperly used equipment;
— unreasonable behaviour of the passengers;
— lack of self-sufficiency of the passengers.
5.2.3 Safety measures
In order to prevent or reduce the risks arising from the hazard scenarios mentioned in 5.2.2, the following safety measures shall be taken.
All cableways shall be designed, constructed and operated in such a way that, in the event of extended stoppage, it is possible to inform the passengers quickly and to ensure their return to safety within a reasonable time, without compromising their safety or the safety of the evacuation personnel.
In such circumstances, the carriers shall preferably be recovered. Failing this, the passengers shall be evacuated in accordance with the provisions of the previously established evacuation plan.
6 General requirements for recovery and evacuation
In the event of the installation being immobilized for a prolonged period of time, the head of operations shall inform and reassure the passengers.
Within half an hour of stoppage, the head of operations shall:
— either start recovery of the carriers;
— or initiate the evacuation of the passengers.
The head of operations may, however:
— defer the starting of passenger evacuation if he is sure he will be able to implement the recovery of the carriers under the prevailing circumstances;
— continue with preparations for recovery of the carriers while the evacuation of the passengers is in progress and interrupt the latter when recovery of the carriers becomes possible.
The anticipated total duration of all the operations specified in the evacuation plan shall not exceed 3 h and 30 min. If the safety analysis indicates that a shorter duration is needed, this should be taken into account.
In the event that the number of operating personnel is insufficient to ensure compliance with the scheduled evacuation time, the controller shall make contracts with separate persons or organizations such as the fire service, mountain rescue teams.
The total duration shall be counted from the immobilization of the installation to the arrival at a place of safety of the last evacuated passenger. The controller shall, as necessary, provide assistance for the passengers until they are able to proceed unaided. The evacuation plan shall, if necessary, contain information relating to this.
7 Requirements for informing the passengers
7.1 Information content
Passenger information consists of:
— notifying them of the situation;
— informing them of the progress of the operations undertaken to resolve the situation;
— telling them what they need to do.
It should also include the anticipated maximum period of immobilization.
This information shall be repeated at regular intervals.
7.2 Transmission of the information
This information is transmitted in particular:
— from the ground by the personnel appointed to do this, equipped if necessary with megaphones;
— by loudspeakers on the line structures;
— by sound systems in the carriers;
— by the attendants in accompanied carriers.BS EN 1909 pdf download.

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