IEEE Std 8023cq-2020 pdf free download – IEEE Standard for Ethernet Amendment 6: Maintenance #13: Power over Ethernet over 2 pairs

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IEEE Std 8023cq-2020 pdf free download – IEEE Standard for Ethernet Amendment 6: Maintenance #13: Power over Ethernet over 2 pairs.
30. Management
30.9 Management for Power over Ethernet
30.9.1 PSE managed object class PSE attributes
Change (as modifed by IEE Sid 802.361-2018) fllows: aPSEOverLoadCounter
Generalized nonresecttable counter. This counter has a maximum increment rate of 2 counts per second.
This counter is incremented when the PSE state diagram (Figure 33 9 and Figure 145- -13) enters the state ERROR DELAY dus to the oyld destcted variable being TRUE. For Type 1 or Type 2 PSEs, ifa Clause 22 MII or Clause 35 GMII is present, then this will map to the Overload bit specifed in 335.1.28;
It should be noted that the cable references use“DC loop resistance,” which refers to a single conductor.
This clause uses“DC pair loop resistance,” which refers to a pair of conductors in parallel. Therefore, Rcn is related to, but not equivalent to, the“DC loop resistance” called out in the cable references.
Ipart. is the current on cither powered pair.
Ypp is the voltage al the PD PL. measured between any positive conductor and any negative conductor of the powered pairs.
YpsE is the voltage at the PSE PL. measured between any positive conductor and any negative conductor of the powered pairs.
33.2 Power sourcing equipment (PSE)
33.2.3 PI pin assignments
Change the last paragraph in 33.2.3 as follows:
A PSE shall implement Altemative A, Alternative B, or both. While a PSE may be capable of both Alternative A and Alternative B, PSEs shall not operate both Alternative A and Altermative B on the same link segment section simultaneously.
33.2.4 PSE state diagrams Variables
Change the defition of “variable pd_ dI power type in as followrs:
pd_ dll power type .
A control variable initially output by the PSE power control state diagram (Figure 33- 27)2 which can be updated by LLDP (see Table 33- 23)。 that indicates the type of PD as advertised through Data Link Layer classification.
Values:1: PD is a Type 1 PD (default)
PD isa Type 2 PD
33.2.5 PSE detection of PDs.IEEE Std 8023cq pdf download.

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